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As your outsourced CFO partner, our mission is to help you attain your goals quickly. These can be different for everyone but here are a few of the most common goals we see from our clients:
Build a growth plan and forecast that might be a bit of a stretch but is clear and strong.
Build a process around metrics so that each department has their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on a regular basis.
Create systems that provide a monthly close of their accounting and accurate financials to the management team by the 10th business day of each month.
Move away from outdated systems and processes that have not kept up with the company’s growth.


The heart of your accounting systems are the fundamentals, the basics, the everyday work. It’s not the most exciting part of the department but it sets the tone for how the data will be managed.

Here are the key items we look for that shape your numbers and cash flow.

Duplicate entries in your books that skew your overall financials.
Convoluted financials that are too busy to make sense of.
Accounts receivables and collections that are way too old and should be collected now or written off.
Balance Sheets that have age old entries on them. Accounts that you have no idea what is in them, i.e. prepaids, accruals, liabilities.


Investment in automation can shave hours off your team’s workload. This allows your team to work on more valuable tasks that help move the needle rather than mundane tasks that keep you in the dark ages.
  • Are you still cutting checks by hand?

  • Are you creating financials manually?

  • Do your platforms sync?