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Business Growth
With a Clear View
on Financials

We provide outsourced CFO and accounting services to small businesses. Our proven strategies help position our clients on a healthy growth path. Whether you are for-profit or non-profit entity, we can support you through your growth.


How We Help


  • Every engagement starts with a thorough assessment and cleanup project.

  • Accounts are reconciled to bank and credit card statements to ensure accuracy of the books.

  • Financial Statements are built and presented in a clear manner so that you can easily understand the performance of your company.


  • We maintain a weekly standard checklist for every client. We keep your finances up to date at all times, not just at the end of the month.

  • Revenue and expenses are monitored for spikes and dips that may be out of the ordinary.

  • Each client receives a custom dashboard and financial package to track the key metrics that move the needle for the company.


  • As your company grows, automation and scalable  processes should be assessed and implemented. This will provide time and value back in your hands.

  • Forward looking forecasts and goals can shape your company now for the future you wish to have. We take the time to discover what those goals are to build a blueprint to get there.

  • Our experience as an outsourced CFO in various strategic discussions helps CEOs craft well developed plans of new business models, new ventures or increased market share.

We bring our expertise to work for your current and future needs. Effectively maintaining and closing your books each month including monthly financial reporting. All while layering in CFO level strategy for growth for companies that are scaling fast.

What You Gain

Gift of time

Let us do the brainwork to analyze where your company stands. By receiving timely reports, owners are able to make proper decisions and use their time wisely.

Fine tune business performance

As each company grows, owners can no longer run on instinct. With a true financial partner watching the numbers, owners can begin to make small changes that have a big impact over the long run.

Trusthworthy accounting

Sleep better knowing your finances are well take care of. We treat your books as if they were our own and are accountable and confidential with all we do.

Invest wisely

Invest in your finances and they will give you a return. Like most things in life, if you give it the right attention, it will perform. Don’t let your numbers be something you sort of know. Know your numbers.

Who We Are

Haven Financial Team

We are an Orange County based outsourced accounting agency, with a passion to help small businesses thrive with a clear picture on their financials.

As a team, we have decades of experience managing the finances of all sizes, from small businesses to large corporations.

As your outsourced accounting services partner, our experts will quickly and efficiently review your company’s finances to help you determine the REAL financial health of your business.

Happy Customers

Trusted by 100+ real businesses in the Orange County area and beyond.

"Prior to working with Haven Financial, my ability to get insight on my financial reporting was very limited and inconsistent. With Haven Financial I'm able to get timely reporting and analysis to allow me to execute more efficiently and effectively."

Michael Santos CEO and Founder, Living Well Home Care

"The support and expertise of the Haven Financial Services team has made me so much more confident as a business owner. Always available to answer questions, offer ideas, share resources and provide timely information, I have found them to be a true partner."

Susan Howington CEO, Power Connections Career Services, Inc.

"The achilles heel of small and growing social businesses in Hawaiʻi is finance. Haven Financial has transformed our clientsʻ books, delivering up business analytics to help them improve their business financial and impact outcomes. Mahalo ui!"

Lisa Kleissner Board Chair and Co-Founder, Hawai'i Investment Ready

"As a female small business owner I face many challenges and often have my head down to the grind. Having these ladies who believe in the impact of our company by my side to help with tracking our progress and all the things that fall in the cracks will allow us to scale and have a greater reach creating positive change in the local seafood industry! Tremendously blessed to have found Haven."

Ashley Watts CEO of Local I'a, Woman owned fishery in Hawaii

"Khristine and her team were amazing from start to finish. As a small business owner, we are not in a position to have a full time CFO on staff and Haven Financial was the perfect solution to fill this void for us. The guidance Khristine and her team provided was timely and professional. We were given deliverables we will continue to use into the future. I would definitely recommend Haven Financial to others looking for CFO services."

Steve Rovithis CEO of Rovi Homes